Flamenco Bi&ënale


In the media

La Vanguardia:
'Arcángel gives part of his solo part away to a phenomenal Bulgarian flute player with whom he initiates a musical dialogue that brings about the deepest feelings of two different cultures. Right from the start you feel that this is about intercultural respect. And through the interweaving of the voice of the singer and the sounds of the shepherd’s flute arise moments of incredible beauty.'

Kim Burton, Songlines:
'Theodosii Spassov is unquestionably the greatest virtuoso of Bulgaria’s shepherd flute, the kaval, and in his hands the simple tube of wood pierced by holes is capable of an astonishing range of sounds, effects and endless subtleties of phrasing.'

Newsweek: '
He actually created a new musical genre.'

Chicago Tribune:
'...like a jam session between Ian Anderson and Thelonius Monk.'

Berliner Morgenpost:
'What he manages to produce on his wooden flute is sensational.'

Howard Rovics:
'His work on the Kaval was nothing short of pure genius.'

Chris Nickson:
'Spassov sounds like the late flutist and saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Except Spassov plays a simple, rural shepherd's flute.'

Extraordinary brotherhood in Balkan Flamenco Tales (deflamenco.com)
'(...) Spassov did not only show once again virtuosity on his intrument, but also his impressive 
singing skills. Arcángel and Spassov merged their voices in a fascinating and successful way in 
many sections, both rehearsed and improvised. The group’s courage and creativity extend to the 
domain of rhthyms as well: the flamenco musicians played and clapped the complex Balkan 
rhythms, just as those from the Balkans did in the bulerias and tangos. The exchange between 
Balkan and flamenco rhythms ensued not only between, but also within songs, and it was as 
spectacular as it was surprisingly organic. 
(...) What should be emphasized, is that this extraordinary richness never slips into the pitfalls of 
chaos or imbalance, not even at the most intense and adventurous moments of improvisation.'


Heart to heart (flamencoworld.com)
'(...)But the understanding stems from within, since both groups uphold the same philosophy: give 
tradition some fresh air. That’s what is done by the two Macedonian guitar players, in charge of 
giving the concert a prologue. That’s what is done by Dani de Morón, who briefly gave concert 
guitar the place it is missing on the program. That’s what is done by Theodosii Spassov with that 
flute of his that tells tales. And that’s what is done by Arcángel, a cantaor who demonstrated with 
this return to the Bimhuis that flamenco cante –following the example of his maestros Morente and 
Carmen Linares - also has to create and think and break circles. And what better way to do so, as he 
said in English, than “heart to heart”. That’s what 'Bratimene' means; spiritual brotherly union.'


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