Flamenco Bi&ënale

Amsterdam | Rotterdam | Den Haag | Utrecht

Cutting Edge Flamenco

The acclaimed Dutch Flamenco Biennial is one of the world’s leading Flamenco Festivals and devotes itself to high class, adventurous and contemporary Flamenco.  The Biennial presents the latest flamenco developments with creators who make up the international vanguard of flamenco. It features a colourful palette of all flamenco forms - dance, music, song – and shows flamenco in fresh, exciting alliances with jazz, contemporary dance and music, and in dialogue with other musical cultures that explore the boundaries of the genre. The Biennial also provides a spectacular and intimate stage for the ancient flamenco song, the cante jondo. Combining tradition with innovation, the festival offers a new and surprising view on flamenco. Read more

The 5th edition of the Flamenco Biennial will take place from January 16th to February 3th 2015. As a prelude, the Dutch Flamenco Biennial again organises a series of  Flamenco Intermezzo concerts